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Eco Farm Solutions

Thalir is the Eco Farming and gardening division of Thinai Group. We deliver practical products and services that promote sustainability in your garden and farm.

Our Products

All our products are made from eco-friendly materials - crafted to fit practical purposes.

Compost / Growth Medium

Our natural growth medium provides nourishment to saplings and plants. We can deliver customized medium to suit specific requirements.

Bio pots

Plant growth pots made from bio materials - blend of cocopit and compost. Go green with Ecopots.


Plant pots made from sustainable materials such as ceramic, metal and recycled plastic. We offer different designs specific to requirements.


We work with farms and gardens to deliver superior yield while maintaining high sustainability. Find effective ways to keep up with changing legislations and maintain a green footprint.

Garden design

Services to make your garden vision come true.

Customised products

Customization of products, turnkey design, sourcing and delivery. We deliver different farm products from growth medium, tools, packaging to organic fertilizers.

Farm Eco impact

Measure and make visible the Eco Impact® score of your farm. We work closely with you to optimize the Eco Impact while maintaining the productive output. 


Sustainable farming is key for our future livelihood. Adoption at scale can be achieved with robust supply chains and network of farms. This is exactly what Thalir® is working to deliver. Contact us to learn more.


We are member of Eco Capital Consortium and working to form Eco farm clusters in different regions. If you are interested to work with us and have ambition to be part of a growing network of Eco farming companies - get in touch with us.

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