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Packaging can do a lot more in today's connected world. Make your product packaging smart with our practical solutions.

Smart packaging

Full life cycle accountability

Producers, consumers and recyclers should cooperate to ensure full life cycle accountability. We offer traceability solutions and metrics in collaboration with our partner network.

Live Eco Impact

Eco Sustainability is complicated - involving diverse factors ranging from emissions footprint, resource consumption to livelihood across regions and industry segments. Eco Impact simplifies this complexity using LIFE Metrics into a simple communicable number.

Condition monitoring

Smart packaging solutions can help monitor specific conditions inside the package such as oxygen content, humidity, etc. This enables you to verify the health of content inside. Live information of condition monitoring can be shared using Misai Mark integration right into the package which you can monitor from any mobile device.

Anti counterfitting

Our traceability function using Misai Mark's unique signature enables us to verify the authenticity of any product / entity. This gives us the ability to provide anti-counterfeiting solutions. Contact us to learn more on how this can be applied to your organization.



We work with specialized clusters to deliver practical products using sustainable raw materials and technologies. We are part of Misai® Initiative and report Eco Impact® of all our operations across entire value chain. Our sustainability is measured against benchmarks for criteria under LIFE Metrics modules. We focus on upcycled raw material, minimal resource consumption, full life cycle accountability and fair practices.

Partner with us

We are member of Eco Capital Consortium®. We form network clusters for specialized business areas  - this enhances collaboration and improves ROI. Join us in the journey to build circular ecosystem.

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