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Eco sustainability


We offer practical products and services. Sustainability is not just an added value but our core value proposition. A reliable green partner who you can trust.

We are part of Misai® Initiative

Misai® is a sustainability initiative which integrates standard criteria under the LIFE Metrics (Livelihood, Innovation, Fidelity and Environment). The performance of each criteria is evaluated against industry benchmark to arrive Eco Impact ® score. This score is arrived based on performance throughout the value chain - raw material, production, logistics, consumption to end lifecycle. Eco Impact® score is live and constantly updated based on current performance in each criteria.

All our products are linked to its Live Eco Impact® score and made visible through Misai Mark.


Enhancing overall livelihood is the primary incentive of any value measure. This is measured based on criteria such as working conditions and fairness for producers;  time efficiency, comfort, safety for consumers among others.


Continuous improvement and innovative techniques that are adopted can improve performance of every other criteria. This is assessed against LIFE Metrics - contributing to green Eco Impact®


Trust is of prime importance. These criteria validate our trust score based on our commitments, delivery and third party certifications.


Environmental sustainability should be balanced with Livelihood needs. Criteria such as resource efficiency, emissions footprint are measured against benchmark to arrive at EcoImpact® score.

Circular Valuechain

We carefully choose materials that are most appropriate for the specific application. Through collaborative methods, we are building the foundation elements needed for circular economy.

Eco Sustainability is complex. It involves numerous factors such as  Emissions footprint, water consumption, energy consumption, energy source, processing, impact on environment, etc - across different regions and activities. Environmental sustainability should work in tandem with livelihood factors such as health, safety, working conditions, time efficiency, comfort, etc. LIFE Metrics organizes these complex factors into 4 modules. Eco Impact® is a simplifies this complex metric into a simple numeric scoring - as an objective reflection of reality.


Core Eco Impact® is the measure of an organization's full value chain - from raw material to end lifecycle.

Extended Eco Impact® is the measure of the market's behaviour.

Core and Extended Eco Impact® together form the total Eco Impact® score of any product / service or entire organization.

Thinai Focus

We design and develop circular systems in our business segments in collaboration with network partners and customers. Verified by authorized third parties and compiled by Misai Mark to provide a full transparent visibility of the efforts in the form of Eco Impact® score.

Raw material

We choose raw material that offers best Eco Impact measure for the specific application. Most materials that we use are upcycled, renewable and 100% compostable. This is key in achieving full cyclic sustainability.

Full life cycle accountability

We strive to achieve full life cycle accountability for all our products and services. We achieve this in collaboration with our suppliers, partners and waste management organizations. We implement advanced tracking tools that operate decentralized to enable maximum security and accountability with Misai Mark.

Customer centric practical design

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the solutions match their business needs. We deliver turnkey solutions with product design, sustainable branding, product development and delivery services.

Circular sustainability

We maintain ethical and eco standards across all our operations. We maintain maximum transparency with direct consumer communication through integration of Misai Block Chain Networks. Through these efforts we ensure circular economy in all our products and services.

Partner with us

We are member of Eco Capital Consortium®. We form network clusters for specialized business areas  - this enhances collaboration and improves ROI. Join us in the journey to build circular ecosystem.

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