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Packaging Industry Nexus


We enable collaborative approach to solving modern challenges related to sustainability. Become part of our network and join hands. PackNex organizes regular conferences, seminars and meetups.

Cluster form

We form partnerships in clusters who collaborate to solve specific industry problems. The clusters are collaborative entities with an unique fund flow mechanism. Learn More


We cooperate with research organizations and industry partners to enable knowledge transfer of latest technologies and best practices.

Market Gateways

We work with our cluster partners with clear go to market strategies. We establish multiple market gateways for each product / solution.


PACKNEX® is packaging industry nexus - working with cluster partners to bring specialized solutions to market. We are part of Eco Capital Consortium. 

What is PACKNEX®

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. All solutions developed shall strive to be circular with minimal waste and traceable Eco Impact ® - verified by third parties and integrated through Misai Mark.

Circular Design

Our other focus is balance between efficiency and effectiveness. We work with global partners we develop smart solutions that improve efficiency and visibility.

Automation & Smart Packaging

Focus Areas

PACKNEX gives special importance to the below focus areas to develop next generation packaging solutions 

Specific market opportunity / problem is identified. PACKNEX develops solution strategy and go-to-market strategy. Invites potential partners to collaborate.

Business Case

When potential solution is identified - Existing members and / or new partners collaborate and form a cluster to solve the problem / capturing market opportunity.

Cluster Form

Cluster is an entity where the partners co-own and share ROI. Partner responsibilities and terms are set when forming the cluster.


Investment flows through the cluster and resources are shared across cluster members based on pre-agreed terms.


Cluster delivers the business case solution to the market


The collaborative cluster provides robust system for collaboration, risk & investment management, flexible & layered return of investment possibilities.



Product Packaging


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