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Sustainable Ecosystem Engineering

We design, produce and deliver practical products and solutions using sustainable materials and technologies. We work towards building the foundation blocks to enable circular economy

Thalir - Eco farm solutions

Thalir is the farm and gardens division of Thinai Group. We deliver practical products and services that promote sustainability. We work with farms and gardens to deliver superior yield while balancing sustainability. Find effective ways to keep up with changing legislations and maintain a green footprint.


Thinaiware offers high quality products in food packaging and Kitchenware segments. All products we make use sustainable raw material with minimum environmental impact. We use upcycled / recycled raw materials and adopt production techniques that consume less energy and water.

Single use



Thinai Care

We work with global brands to deliver turnkey solutions in Care & Hygiene segments with Eco Impact® score and Misai Mark integration.

Wet wipes

Toilet paper

Kitchen paper


PACKNEX® is packaging industry nexus - working with cluster partners to bring specialized solutions to market. Thinai Group is the lead organization of PACKNEX®. Powered by Eco Capital Consortium®.



We work with specialized clusters to deliver practical products using sustainable raw materials and technologies. We are part of Misai® Initiative and report Eco Impact® of all our operations across entire value chain. Our sustainability is measured against benchmarks for criteria under LIFE Metrics modules. We focus on upcycled raw material, minimal resource consumption, full life cycle accountability and fair practices.

Partner with us

We are member of Eco Capital Consortium®. We form network clusters for specialized business areas  - this enhances collaboration and improves ROI. Join us in the journey to build circular ecosystem.

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